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GM Recordings Jazz Catalog
3001-3020 · 3021-3040 · 3041-3052

Cat #

Artist: Title

GM 3001 Tom McKinley/Ed Schuller: Life Cycle
with Joe Lovano, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell, Gary Valente
GM 3002 Michael Bocian: For This Gift
with Joe Lovano, Paul McCandless, Kenny Werner, David Darling, Dave Samuels
GM 3003 Higher Primates: Environmental Impressions
with Ratso Harris, Ed Schuller, Peter LeMaitre
GM 3004 Thomas Oboe Lee: Departed Feathers
with Brad Hatfield, Jerry Bergonzi, John Lockwood
GM 3005 Eric Dolphy: Vintage Dolphy
with Jim Hall, Benny Golson, Phil Woods, Jimmy Knepper & others
GM 3006 Orange Then Blue: Music for Jazz Orchestra
with John La Porta
GM 3007 Ran Blake: Painted Rhythms: The Compleat Ran Blake, Volume 1
Solo piano featuring works by Ellington, Joplin, Kern
GM 3008 Ran Blake: Painted Rhythms: The Compleat Ran Blake, Volume 2
Solo piano featuring works by Joplin, Monk & the Third Stream
GM 3009 Paul Motian/Ed Schuller/Simon Nabatov/Arto Tuncboyaci:
Circle the Line
GM 3010 Gunther Schuller/Orange Then Blue: Jumpin' in the Future  
GM 3011 James Lewis: You Must Remember This    
GM 3012 Orange Then Blue: Where Were You?
Live with George Adams, George Garzone, Howard Johnson
GM 3013 George Schuller: Lookin’ Up from Down Below
with Joe Lovano, Tiger Okoshi, Gary Valente, George Garzone, Ed Schuller
GM 3014 William Russo: The Carousel Suite
Richard Peaslee: Stonehenge
with London Jazz Orchestra, Dizzy Gillespie, Studs Turkel
GM 3015 Richard Todd: Rickter Scale
with Billy Childs, John Clayton Jr, Ralph Penland
GM 3016 Michael Bocian: Go Groove
with Fred Hersch, Rashied Ali, Ed Schuller
GM 3017 Virtuosity: A Contemporary Look
Works by Russo, Peaslee. London Jazz Orchestra.
GM 3018 The New England Ragtime Ensemble: The Art of the Rag
Gunther Schuller, conductor
GM 3019 Ed Schuller: To Know Where One Is
with Joe Lovano, Billy Hart, Gary Valente, Bill Bickford
GM 3020 Bob Nieske’s Wolf Soup: My Desire
with Jon Damian, Nat Mugavero, Tom Hall, Jim Cameron
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