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New York New Music Ensemble:
Schwantner Blaustein
New York New Music Ensemble: WUORINEN/SCHWANTNER/BLAUSTEIN coverUnder the leadership of conductor Robert Black, the New York New Music Ensemble has become one of the most exciting recent additions to New York's contemporary music scene and has established a reputation not only for the virtuosity of its performances, but also for the number and quality of the works it has commissioned.   The pieces presented here were all composed for and premiered by the NYNME, and they represent some of the finest works of these three outstanding modern composers, two of whom Ś Schwantner and Wuorinen Ś are recipients of the Pulitzer Prize.

(Also hear the New York New Music Ensemble perform Stravinsky's Pierrot Lunaire on GM 2030.)

"Unrivaled virtuosity and expressivity...
A composer's panel if ever there was one."

ŚAmerican Record Guide

Long out of print, now available for downloads on Amazon

(also on Apple Music, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites)


New York New Music Ensemble:

Jayn Rosenfeld, fluteJean Kopperud, clarinet; Linda Quan, violinChris Finckel, cello; Daniel Druckman, percussion
Elizabeth Di Felice, Cameron Grant,* piano; Robert Black, conductor

Charles Wuorinen: New York Notes (1982)*
1. I. 04th.jpg (828 bytes) = 80 6:34
2. II. 04th.jpg (828 bytes) = 40 7:42
3. III. 08th.jpg (782 bytes) = 160 7:35
Joseph Schwantner: Music of Amber (1981)
4. I. Wind Willow, Whisper... 9:40
5. II. Sanctuary 11:47
Susan Blaustein: Sextet (1983)*
6. I. 04th.jpg (828 bytes) = 54 14:41
7. II. Scherzo: Poco vivace e delicato 6:58
8. Adagio ma non troppo; Poco maestoso, con gran espressione - III Finale: Allegro risoluto 8:50
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