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NFB Horn Quartet:
HORNITHOLOGY coverHornithology includes the premiere recording of Gunther Schuller’s Five Pieces for Five Horns and includes the world-renowned and enduringly brilliant master technician, Barry Tuckwell.

The NFB Horn Quartet, comprised of accomplished musicians who first met as students of the the legendary John Barrows, “sets a new standard to which all others should strive” (John Williams, Boston Pops Orchestra). 

The late Sir Michael Tippett is widely regarded as one of England's finest composers.  Sonata for Four Horns is an exuberant tour de force that also creates, at times, a languid, mysterious ambiance.

Long out of print, now available for downloads on Amazon

(also on Apple Music, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital sites)

NFB Horn Quartet 
Ricardo Almeida, William Hoyt, David Kappy, Jay Wadenpfuhl, French horn;  
Special Guest: Barry Tuckwell, French horn (on Five Pieces for Five Horns)Gunther Schuller, conductor
Gunther Schuller: Five Pieces for Five Horns (1952) 9:34
1. I. Largamente e maestoso 1:30
2. II. Adagio e con tenerezza 1:28
3. III. Tranquillo 2:16
4. IV. Con moto e agitato — Adagio 3:19
5. V. Toccata (Energico) 1:14
Michael Tippett: Sonata for Four Horns (1957) 12:54
6. I. Allegro molto moderato 2:53
7. II. Allegro giocoso 2:29
8. III. Lento cantabile tranquillo in stilo notturno 4:48
9. IV. Allegro molto e vigoroso 2:42
10. Jay Wadenpfuhl: Textures (1988) 13:03
Recorded on May 27 & 29, 1993 at the Campion Center in Weston, Massachusetts.
This project was supported by Millennium Resources, Inc
“Honoring the human spirit.”
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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