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Richard Todd:
Rickter Scale
RICKTER SCALE coverIf you think of the horn only as the "polite" voice of the orchestra, if you've never considered it as a jazz instrument on par with trumpet or saxophone, if you don't believe that a superb classical musician could ever loosen up and blow a hot solo with the best of them... then you haven't heard Rick Todd.

A renowned concertizing soloist, orchestral player, and one of the busiest studio musicians in Hollywood, Rick is also a familiar face in the jazz clubs of southern California.  His style-hopping fluency and superb technique are redefining the way people think of the French horn, and he is adding a new and singular voice to the sound of jazz.

On Rickter Scale -- his second GM release, Todd is joined by the great west coast rhythm section of pianist Billy Childs, bass player John Clayton, and drummer Ralph Penland for a set ranging from the bebop anthem "Anthropology" to Duke Ellington's "In a Mellotone" to Chick Corea's driving "Got a Match, as well as several original tunes.  Also features is a gorgeous eight-horn arrangement by the late David Rose of his classic ballad "Our Waltz."

(For more Richard Todd and to hear his "classical" side, see his GM debut, New Ideas.)

Not available.

Richard Todd, French hornBilly Childs, pianoJohn Clayton Jr, bass;  
Ralph Penland
, drums
1. "Got a Match" (Chick Corea) 5:04
2. "Cipriana" (Steve Huffsteter) 7:10
3. "Rickter Scale" (Richard Todd) 5:28
4. "Our Waltz" (David Rose) 3:00
5. "Melancholia" (Steve Huffsteter) 8:31
6. "Anthropology" (Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker) 5:23
7. "In a Mellotone" (Duke Ellington) 5:38
8. "A Time for Love" (Johnny Mandel) 8:20
Recorded on 30 September & 1 October 1989 at Mad Hatter Recording Studios in Los Angeles, California.
Producer: Gunther Schuller
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