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Ed Schuller:
Ong Song: Music for Acoustic Bass
ONG SONG coverEd Schuller’s seventh recording as a leader, dedicated to acoustic bassists everywhere, showcases the underrated versatility and virtuosity of the instrument.  In the spirit of Bill Evans’s masterpiece Conversations with Myself, Schuller explores his lifelong relationship with the acoustic jazz bass on several multi-layered tracks plus tunes by Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman.

Since his professional career began in 1975, Ed Schuller has worked consistently as a jazz bassist, despite the pressures of being the oldest son of music legend and jazz historian Gunther Schuller.  A student of jazz icons Jaki Byard, George Russell, Joe Maneri, Ran Blake, and Chuck Israels, Schuller embarked on his first national tour at age 20 with guitarist Pat Martino.  Since then, he has been one of the international scene’s most respected bassists, with over 60 sideman recordings to his credit, including the innovative Paul Motian Quintet, Joe Lovano’s award-winning Rush Hour, and the critically acclaimed Ran Blake Trio double-CD Sonic Temples in 2001.

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Ed Schuller, acoustic bass
1.   “Spoken For” (Schuller) 5:57
2.   “Ghosts” (Ayler) 6:21
3.   “Hyperbass” (Schuller) 6:23
4.   “String Theory” (Schuller) 3:36
5.   “Ong Song” (Schuller) 6:45
6.   “Blues on Bass” (Schuller) 4:46
7.   “Bottom of the Mirror” (Tuncboyaciyan) 3:24
8.   “Kathline Gray” (Coleman) 2:59
9.   “Clave for Collin” (Schuller) 4:42
10. “Slippin’ and Slidin’” (Schuller) 2:59
11. “Crepuscule with Nellie” (Monk) 5:22
12. “Vortex” (Schuller) 4:38
13. “Give It Up” (Schuller) 6:15
Total timing: 1:04:22
Recorded in 1996, 1998, 2000, and 2001 in various locations.
Producer: Ed Schuller
Executive Producer: Gunther Schuller
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