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David Baker; Buselli/Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
Basically (David) Baker
Basically (David) Baker cover
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Basically Baker is a classic example of what can happen when you unify the saxophone, trumpet, trombone and rhythm sections of a big band and add a tuba to the ensemble, a distinct departure from earlier arranging techniques utilized by old-school bandleaders, such as Fletcher Henderson and Don Redman, back in 1930's and the swing era. Baker's more modern approach opens new dimensions in the music, creating new timbral textures and inspiring improvisers to explore more complex ideas. I don't think it was necessarily innovative on my part, David said, recalling his emergence as a jazz arranger and composer in the 1950's. It was more a part of the zeitgeist, of what was happening at the time.

Qty: CD Price: $15.00

Buscelli/Wallarab Jazz Orchestra
1.   The I.U. Swing Machine 7:50
2.   Dance of the Jitterbugs 9:45
3.   April B 6:50
4.   5M Calypso 7:52
5.   An Evening Thought 10:40
6.   To Dizzy with Love 6:50
7.   Some Links for Brother Ted 7:55
8.   Screamin' Meemies 7:52
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